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About Us

We are Creative Artistry Studio, and we are composed of team of talented and creative photographers and videographers, headed by its owners, the real partners in crime and in life, the husband and wife tandem,

Carlito Jr. and Annabelle Galamgam.


They have three lovely and adorable kids and as photographers, they were able to take photos of them in every step of their life. "Family always comes first." This is what they thought of when they started venturing into Photography. They have started their craft in photography as a hobby by taking photos of their kids as they grow up. This is their way of preserving the priceless moments of their kids that may never be taken again and probably will only happen once in their life. Taking photos of their kids even when they were still inside their mommy's tummy, until they were given birth then now at such a young age, is what hones the couple's photography skills.


This is what we wish to share and impart with you, especially with the parents and families.

Capturing memories and beyond...

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